College Decathlon

This event for university students is a fast-paced competition featuring 10 unique challenges spread out over all three days of the Symposium.  With a goal of providing a forum for recruiting organizations to evaluate soft skills, teams of students organized by school will be challenged in the areas of academics, professionalism, career development, communication, pro-activeness, and time management.  Teams compete head-to-head in 10 competitions with the teams with the two best records advancing to the final round during the Scholars’ Luncheon.  The final round, known as Familia Feud, happens live at the Scholars’ Luncheon where teams are quizzed on their knowledge of basic science, engineering, mathematics, technology, and MAES.  Which team will score a perfect 10-0 record and advance to the finals?

Each student chapter is allowed to register a team for College Decathlon.  For chapters sending more than 40 students, a second team may be registered.  For chapters sending more than 80 students, a third team may be registered.  Each team is limited in size to 5 students/team.


info A minimum of 5 students attending symposium is needed to create a College Decathlon Team.


error1  Deadline of intent to participate: OCT 2

error1  Teams will be notified on TBD

info Deadline for team roster: Oct 9


An orientation will be held at Symposium for all Team Captains.  All teams are to prepare a table-top poster board to promote their chapter for the Draft Session.  These posters are the only items that may be worked on prior to arrival at Symposium.

The competitions of College Decathlon are:

  • Ask Around: During this competition, teams will be given a questionnaire with 20 questions developed to promote networking during the Speed Networking Breakfast.
  • Billboard Ad: During this competition, each team will submit a billboard design to promote MAES. This billboard must be a graphic that can be utilized through digital platforms to promote the MAES brand.
  • Elevator Speech: One individual from each team will give a 30-second elevator speech to a recruiter in hopes of leaving a lasting first impression.
  • Centerpiece Spirit: During this competition, each team will manufacture a centerpiece that represents their university/college. The centerpiece will be displayed during the Scholars’ Luncheon.
  • Innovation Improve: During this competition, teams will develop skits based upon a narrative where they must fill in several blanks. The skit must last 1-2 minutes, must involve all team members, and make use of 2 props and 1 mystery prop.
  • Role Model Profile: During this competition, each team will submit a short profile (200-300 words) on a role model they interview during the Symposium. This profile must put a face to MAES and be suitable for publishing online via social media.
  • Shirt Design: During this competition, each team will design and produce a shirt for MAES.
  • Professional Networking: Teams will earn points by networking with professionals and exchanging business cards.
  • Résumé Writing: One individual from each team will submit their résumé for scoring.
  • STEM Fundamentals Exam: Three individuals from each team will complete a written exam testing their knowledge of basic science, engineering, mathematics, technology, and MAES.


Recent student interns will present on their internship experience in a competitive tournament bracket with the goal of highlighting the types of projects and learning achievable through a summer internship and how it has positively affected their career.

error1 Deadline:  October 2, 2015

MAES Honors Program

Similar to being recognized on the Dean’s List, the MAES Honors Program recognizes academic excellence of MAES student members. Any MAES Student Member that has completed their freshman year of college and has a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher is encouraged to be recognized through the MAES Honors Program. Students will be recognized at the forthcoming MAES Symposium and receive their recognition materials there; students unable to attend will have their recognition materials sent back with their chapter and/or shipped to them.


error1  Deadline: October 3, 2015

Registration Grants Program

Financial hardship should never stand in the way of achieving a dream. Already faced with the challenges of paying for a college education, students with financial need can apply for assistance to attend the annual MAES Symposium. MAES Registration Grants are available to all student members and fully cover the cost of conference registration. Applicants are still responsible for all travel costs.

error1  Deadline:  September 12, 2015

info Notification of selection on September 21, 2015 and must be registered by Symposium by September 25, 2015

Research Poster Competition

The MAES Research Poster Competition is a forum for students to present cutting-edge research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Original works and projects are encouraged with the abstracts becoming part of the proceedings for the conference. Each poster is judged by a series of technical experts that provide feedback and mentoring to the participants.


error1  Deadline: October 2, 2015

info Notification of selection on October 2, 2015

Scholarship Program

A college education is critical to your personal and professional success. Since the organization’s founding, MAES has supported its students in their pursuit of college degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Students are selected on the basis of academic achievement, leadership, community service, and financial need. All scholarships are announced at the forthcoming Symposium; top scholarships require attendance for selection. The dream of college education can come true.

error1  Deadline: Postmarked by September 21, 2015

Six Sigma Training Program

White Belt Certification

MAES and America’s Navy are both committed to building leaders and to empowering communities around the world.  America’s Navy wants to ensure that the students and professionals of their partnering organizations achieve their fullest potential to impact the world around them. America’s Navy is excited to bring a training series that is in line with the mission and vision of MAES.  They will be conducting a practical hands-on guide to continuous process improvement using Lean Six Sigma Tools and Techniques. The Navy presenter will be Aaron U. Bolin, PhD. Dr. Bolin completed his doctoral work in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The goals of the sessions are to equip participants with a basic working knowledge of continuous process improvement tools that is geared towards real-world application. Participants who complete the workshop will earn a Navy Lean Six Sigma White Belt Completion Certificate. The curriculum will consist of three parts: Lean and Theory of Constraints, Six Sigma and Structured Process Improvement, and Integrated Lean Six Sigma.


error1  Deadline of intent to participate (Application due): October 3, 2015

info Participants notified: October 9, 2015

If selected, participants will be notified by October 9, 2015.

Travel Grants Program

Student chapters and student interest groups can apply for assistance to support their members to attend the annual MAES Symposium. MAES Student Chapter Travel Grants are available to all registered student chapters and recognized student interest groups. The grant partially covers the cost of transportation to attend the annual Symposium.


error1  Deadline: October 3, 2015

info Notification of grant selection and amount on October 12, 2015